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De Waterreus (Scheveningen)

We were commissioned by Peter Ludovici to fit out this beautiful beach restaurant in partnership with Angelika Barzilaye (Concept Developer and Interior Designer). The theme is ‘water and sea’. It has become a successful business and the design is absolutely unique.

KRI_waterreus_scheveningen_Angelika“I asked Kroeze Interieur to fit out the interior for this project. De Waterreus was executed so beautifully and we worked together so effectively and enjoyably that I need look no further for an interior designer for future projects. Kroeze is a professional and reliable company that is a delight to work with. They take care of everything down to the smallest details, both in terms of cost estimates and the installation process. I was particularly impressed with the excellent building plans and project management.”

-Angelika Barzilay | Barzileye concept en design

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