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Borghuis (Deurningen)

Tuin- & wooncentrum Borghuis is modern, trendy, uncluttered, surprising and original. Now that the restaurant has been remodelled by Kroeze, guests are assured of an even more pleasant visit. There is a lounge suite beside an open fireplace, a mezzanine room with a lovely view and a genuine “regulars” table. Children are also catered for; they can play to their heart’s delight in the play corner. The restaurant offers a lovely place to relax after a tour of the garden centre.

foto man“Cras volutpat, ipsum a dignissim pulvinar, turpis nulla egestas turpis, sit amet cursus diam nunc a neque. Maecenas ultrices molestie accumsan.”

– Jan Jansen
Borghuis Deurningen

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